Monday, October 22, 2012

Cooking with Pinterest

About a year ago, I was terrified of cooking.

Knives, measuring spoons, mixers...

all of it scared me.

It seemed too difficult to me...kind of like a word problem on a math class used to feel.

Too many numbers, fractions, halves, wholes, cutting, slicing, dicing...


No thank you, sir.

Plus, my husband grew up in a house with parents who owned a restaurant for a period of time. Enter cooking insecurity....and failed attempts to make it appear I knew what I was doing. There was even a night where I legit cried over being unable to cut an avocado...tell me that isn't hard the first time!

But thanks be to Pinterest! It has become my salvation of sorts as I have made my own path in the world of housewifery and home ec 101.

  There is a lot of idealism on Pinterest...but there is also a lot of really good food that's makeable, eatable and delicious!

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite "pinteresting" recepies that have been a hit with my husband and also with  my limited cooking skills, which have seemed, by all accounts, to take a turn for the best :)

I'd like to also add I baked my first cake last month. I can't was dang good. I also can't lie again...Chase helped me.

see! not so scary!

Grilled Chicken and Lemon Basil Pasta - a major WIN!

The Best Cookie You Ever Had

Did you say sweet potato burger?!?

Eggplant deliciousness

Turkey, turkey, turkey burgers!

Mucho Gusto-Mexican Chicken & Lime Soup

(Skinny!) Chicken Parm

This ain't yo mama's asaparagus!

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos

Prepare to hit the gym after this -Cajun Chicken Pasta

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