Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a psalm to pray : psalm 68

For the last couple of months, the small group I meet with has been reading through the Psalms. As we read, I re-discovered why I loved them so much.

The psalms are emotional. Just like us girls. 

 One minute David is all "yay God!" and the next he is all like "whoa is me, my bed is soaked in my tears." Literally (see Psalm 6:6 for proof).  David shows himself to be an emotional, crazy in love with God's love, sometimes overly dramatic yet, very real dude. Who was also king of a country, mind you. 

(Let me take this moment to say if I had to guess what kind of 21st century persona David would fit best, I'd have to guess an emo guy making playing the harp cool and singing songs to make the girls swoon. Basically a harp playing John Mayer. Definitely.)

Moving on....

The verses below are a small part of a much longer psalm. I have been coming back to these words again and again, filling in the [   ] and __________ with words that speak specifically to the truths about God and myself that suit the moment. 

I invite anyone who happens to find themselves here to read the words below and pray them for yourself.  Believe them...they are truth! Feel them...let them move you and allow them to become a part of your rhythm and your very life. 

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"Blessed be the Lord,
  who daily bears [me] up;

God is my [Rescuer].

Our God is a God of [Salvation,]
and to Him belong deliverances from [________________]


Summon [Your power,] O God,
[the power, ]O God, by which
You have worked for us."

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  1. your imagery of king david being like john mayer made me laugh out loud. i don't think i'll ever be able to read david's writing or think about him the same again. thanks for the laughter :)