Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Surveyor's Tripod Lamp

We have seen them at Restoration Hardware, Potterybarn and on Pinterest.  They are striking accent pieces that demand attention in any space. They are innovative... and expensive.  They are (drum roll please...)
the much-desired Surveyor Tripod Lamps.

Chase and I decided we wanted to get our hands on one for our "new" living room.  The only part was we were not about to fork out a couple hundred (or more) for one. Naturally, we did the next best thing.  Chase went Craigslisting and found an old surveyor tripod (complete with the surveyor might I add) for sale in Atlanta for under $50.  Done and done.

Chase did a little investigating and found it would be fairly easy to get the tripod fitted out for a light bulb and other necessary gadgets to make it glow.  He took it to Stonehenge in Old Cloverdale and they did it for $30. Cha-ching!

A trip to World Market for a lamp shade and there you have it...
Who needs a reproduction when you can have the real thing?!  

P.S. See that room that light there is in? Yea, that room used to be pink, organgey-yellow and had black base boards.  I am happy to say it is now white and gray and delightful.  Can't wait to post the before and afters of our little Fixer-Upper soon...

P.P.S. T-minus 30 days until I am Mrs. Fisher and a permanent resident of said Fixer-Upper...whoop!