Monday, September 5, 2011

3 strikes and you're still not out

Angela is a woman my friend Kellie and I have gotten to know recently at Friendship Mission.  I work for a company called Re-Invention (you can read all about it here) and we are working with women at this mission that serves the homeless and poor in Montgomery, Alabama.  Anyway, on Saturday morning Angela asked us,

"Does "3 strikes and your out" apply to God?  Will he send the hounds of heaven to punish me 'cause I'm pretty sure I have at least 3 strikes."  

Her question told me about the way many people feel about themselves. They feel like failures and agree with the lie that they aren't good enough and never will be for anyone.  They have messed up too many times to count and are certain no one will have them back.  Especially God.  Not to mention they also feel like he is after them.

Kellie and I told Angela that's not how Jesus works.  We looked her in the eyes and told her Jesus has and will keep coming back for her.  We told her that he is more committed to her than she is to him. We explained what unconditional love is and told her that applies to her too.

I don't think she had ever heard that before.

She smiled and said, "Hallelujah!"

It's a simple truth, but we need to be reminded that many people feel this way and have believed it for a long time.

I also need to be reminded.

People need to know the game is not over.  Grace is a bottomless well that we can keep drawing from and it never runs dry. 

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