Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i'll ask anyway.

broken people and places being made new is one of the things i live to see most. reconciliation and redemption are the themes of life and as i spend more time in my city i've been inspired to dare to hope for a better day for desolate places among us.  i long to see these places filled with people of all races and and socio-economic statuses working and living together making this city a better place.  perhaps it is too much to ask and maybe i sound like a beauty queen...but i'll ask anyway.

what possibility lingers here!
what scenes are yet to be seen!
sidewalks eagerly await a step
that's not dragging
a trot instead to take its place
it takes an eye that once was blind
to see the better day
to believe in beautiful things for
a place
5 Points in downtown montgomery
where beauty has lost its crown

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  1. beautiful heart, beautiful words, beautiful dreams, rach...