Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the fundamental question.

I am reading through the Bible for the first time this year. As I've read I've come to a startling realization:

I've made the Bible about me.

I realize...even in the Old Testament that the Bible is about Jesus. It's about him reconciling us to himself and inviting us to share in his life. It's not about how to make my life less stressful in 5 easy steps or how to slay my giants. It's about Jesus. I must ask...

How have we missed it?

I saw the video below a few weeks ago and it confirmed my realization. Since I've realized that everything in prophets and even in good ol' Leviticus is pointing to Jesus it makes it easier to read and I've been getting excited about the "hero" that gonna have to come...because these people (including myself) are in trouble!

Watch it for yourself here

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