Thursday, February 10, 2011

what does it mean...really?

There are lots of phrases people throw around these days in Christian circles. One such phrase is "loving the city".

But what does this (along with so many others) mean? Really?

My friend Biscuet posted the following article on his blog recently. It has a tad of sass and a bit of sarcasm, but after reading it I think it is a powerful commentary on what it means to
love a city to life.

I was challenged,convicted of the way I have misconstrued this idea, and inspired to ask more questions about my own city and what's really important here.

My takeaway was this: brining change to the places we call home requires long term commitment that's messy and unsexy, but no doubt beautiful all at the same time.

Articles like this one are part of a conversation we all need to be having with ourselves and one another. Let's face it...I don't really know what's best. But I want to. I have no idea what the answer is for my own city besides asking questions and proceeding. We have an obligation to the poor, the forgotten and to the racial issues that still linger. I don't believe that obligation can be ignored or met for ourselves or in ourselves.

Read the article: On "loving the city" long-term (in contrast to well-intentioned hipster, neo-paternalistic versions)

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