Friday, November 19, 2010

The best week of the my book.

It's the most wonderful week of the year!

To me at least...

Here's why:

Today: Dad's Birthday...Cheers to 56 wonderful years of Ronald! Here, here!

Tomorrow: My birthday...24 years ago my dad was at a Celtics game in Boston when he got a call from my mom that was about a month early..let's just say he made it back just in time :)

The rest of the week: Food, family & football (war eagle!)

oh, and get out the Mariah Carey Christmas album and maybe even N*Sync...because Christmas Music is "allowed" (I've already been listening to the dismay of many around me...).

So let's get this party started and join me in being thankful the Pilgrims, their fellow Indians and Abe Lincoln have given us a good reason to stuff ourselves!

Peace. Love. & Cornucopias.

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