Sunday, February 28, 2010

personal statement.

My friend Katy is in OT school at UAB. Friday night, I helped her put the finishing touches on her "personal statement" for her resume and what not. For the past few days, I've started thinking about the whole idea of a "personal statement" and what it would look like for me to write my own. There is something about writing down your vision, heart and hope for life that makes it a little more real and gives you that "UMPH!" to put the pen down and daydreams to rest and JUST DO IT.

These are just a few of the questions I'm asking myself:

What am I passionate about? What makes my heart beat fast?

What is the "thing" inside of me I long to pour out on others? How?

What's the vision that has been cast on my heart?

What am I afraid of? What stand in the way and tempts me to compromise or settle?

How can my carrying out this vision affect the lives of others?

What experiences in my life have helped shape my vision and equipped me?

How can I funnel my experiences, gifts and passions?

What is my motivating force?

What's the big picture?

What do I desire to give myself fully to that I may journey down the "long road of obedience in the same direction?" (that idea/quote came from one of my favorite books "Red Moon Rising" )

Lots of broad questions that have resulted in more questions and many pages of ink...and counting.

What about you? What would be in your personal statement?

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