Thursday, February 18, 2010

empty space.

Life right now is not what I thought it would be, yet it is what it is. I am still living in Montgomery, still working as an editorial assistant/writer at my dad's publishing company and still looking/praying/wondering what's next and when whatever "it" is will show itself. All that to say, it is a daily struggle for me to choose to live in the inbetween joyfully and wholeheartedly.

I've been asking God the same things for a long time, and yesterday I was reminded through His word that He hears...and He knows. "And God heard their groaning...God saw His people-and God knew." Exodus 2:24,25

{ Deep breath } He knows. He hears. He's coming. He's already here.

Thankfulness and expectation. Blessing Him and listening to Him. Delighting in Him and simply resting in His presence. This is what He desires of His people...regardless of circumstances.

I believe God will be glorified. Even if it means saying, "Yes, Lord" and choosing to live, not just exist, in what seems like empty space. For it is the empty places He desires to fill.

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