Friday, December 25, 2009


Peering over the edge of heaven, their eyes widening as the Star appeared over the lowly town of Bethlehem, the Angels probably could barely control their excitement, or anticipation for that matter. All this time they had watched Man struggle...their hearts broken and shattered. "The fullness of time has not yet come" He must have told them. ...and they had to wonder, "What will He do? How will He who sits on the throne fix what Man has done?"

And then, amidst the silence that cloaked the past 400 years in despair and doubt, they heard it. A baby's cry. Perhaps they looked in unison to the throne and held their breath at seeing no One at the Father's right hand. A thrill of hope. A deep breath. They couldn't believe it. He had come. The Light of Heaven entered the dark gray earth.

I so love this day. This story. He is HERE. Emmanuel. Angels exalting. Hearts rejoicing. THE PROMISE delivered. The head crusher, Burden bearer, Soul healer, Liberator, Kingdom bringer....has come. Light from heaven ushers into earth and shines through the cracks of broken hearts. Love has come. Hallelujah!

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