Tuesday, November 17, 2009

triumphant testimonies.

Stella's House in the midst of releasing a DVD with all the girls telling their stories along with a CD they have recorded. While I have been here the girls have been videotaped telling their stories, some for the first time. Tonight, Luida,one of the girls who speaks very good english, helped translate Stella's story- one full of scenes of abuse and abandonment. During the translating process Stella burst into tears and ran into another room. She told us that she did not want to tell her story. She was ashamed, and said she did not want people in America to hear it. Immediately, Mr. Cameron took her aside and spoke to her from scripture...

"We have conquered Satan by...the word of our testimony..." Revelation 12:11

How true it is. The story of God working in our lives is all we need to prove Satan wrong on all counts of condemnation he sends our way. It was so beautiful to see this 15 year old girl smile and nod realizing this truth for the first time and being set free to tell her story and rejoice in the pain and suffering she has endured to point people to Jesus-the One who has transferred her from the dominion of darkness, into the kingdom of light and into the arms of Jesus.

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