Thursday, September 10, 2009


"The way of trust is a movement into obscurity, into the undefined, into ambiguity, not into some pre-determined, clearly delineated plan for the future. The next step discloses itself only out of discernment of God acting in… the present moment. The reality of naked trust is the life of a pilgrim who leaves what is nailed down, obvious and secure, and walks into the unknown without any rational explanation to justify the decision or guarantee the future. Why? Because God has signaled the movement and offered his presence and his promise."
:brennan manning::

bursts of glory.

what an amazing thing we have in the hubble telescope. you have to think, david only saw the stars, but now we see this and it seems to crank psalm 19 up a notch.

He made this. He sustains this. By his WORD. (Hebrews 1) This burst of glory leaves me speechless.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

snapshots of grace

today i saw these geese at the lake near my house. when they spread their wings and dove down into the water something caught in my chest, and right then i saw Him. i saw His beauty in their form and His grace in their soft, yet confident approach into the water.

i'm looking for more of these. these snapshots of grace.